What is ParaPark

About ParaPark?

Budapest, in Hungary, was a pioneering city for Live Escape Games in Europe. In 2011, the company Parapark was created. Its founder, Attila Gyurkovics, had the idea to open a Live Escape Game while working on ideas for new Team Building projects

The rooms are easy to get in to, but harder to get out of.

Complete mind and mechanical puzzles, solve mysteries to find your way out. Race against the clock to ESCAPE!

People on the outside won’t have a clue that just a few feet away, you are struggling for your freedom. As you enter the room, the doors lock, and the time starts ticking: you have exactly 60 minutes to Escape… It will require teamwork and good communication.

Parapark is proud of the fact that the adrenaline rush induced comes from the excitement of solving puzzle, riddles and searching for keys and codes to aid your escape, rather than loud scary noises or bright flashing lights.

The experience of becoming a team will definitely leave you wanting more.