How it works


Step 1: We lock you in a themed room for 60 minutes

Step2: You have to work as a team to find clues, solve puzzles and open locks to progress towards the final goal…

Step 3: ESCAPE! You get 1 tip from us before you start…”Communication & Teamwork is a must”


  1. You only have 60 minutes to Escape
  2. No Phones allowed in the rooms
  3. No Photography allowed in the rooms
  4. Each key / code only works on one lock
  5. The Safes lock out for a few minutes if you input the wrong code 3 times, so avoid guessing!
  6. Objects marked with green and yellow tape are not part of the game
  7. PLEASE do not use excessive force
  8. PLEASE do not climb on the furniture or try pull furniture away from the walls
  9. Use the Walkie-Talkies to ask for help / hints. (we won’t judge you if you ask for our help!)
  10. No Smoking
  11. We can see you, but cannot hear you. There are no recording devices in the rooms or anywhere else.
  12. Tell your friends and family about us, but don’t spoil the fun for them by telling them our secrets
  13. Most importantly…HAVE FUN!