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Want to lock up your boss or colleagues?

Our rooms are ideal for building and strengthening working relationships in the workplace. Uncover hidden talents and untapped potential among your workforce.

If you desire a special team building experience, visit us. We will lock you up unmercifully, and you will only be able to open the doors if you work as a TEAM.

You will need everybody's help to escape! A repairman for the technical stuff…an IT manager for computer tasks…an engineer to run the calculations…an assistant to take notes, and of course, there’s always a need for a team leader to coordinate the effort!

We can't guarantee that, as a side effect of being locked up, these roles may need to change...but you will surely know in 60 minutes what strengths the others have. Who is the real team player and who might be the Maverick in the group.

Each of our two rooms take up to 5 players. There’s no need to worry if your group is larger than 10 people. Take a bet with your colleagues and compare escape times afterwards. Consecutive teams can play every 80-90 minutes, and the waiting team can relax downstairs in McDonalds while plotting their strategy and escape plan.

If you can't find an available date in our booking system suitable for you, or you have special requests, do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp, Phone or e-mail.

If you don't know what to do with your kids during the school break, visit ParaPark.

Detach yourselves from normal, mundane everyday activities for 60 minutes, and challenge yourselves in a fun, collaborative way that beats just going to the movies!

Children over the age of 8 can try out our escape games if accompanied by their parents, and over the age of 12, separately with their friends.

The point is that between the age of 8 and 88, all members of the family can enjoy the games.

Test your problem solving abilities against Mum and Dad, or prove to your big Brother you can outsmart him. We truly recommend it as a family activity or as a gift for someone close to you.

Host your next party at Parapark!

You will quickly discover why escape games are taking the world by storm.

How are you spending your last days of your school break or holiday? Are you celebrating your birthday perhaps?

Whether it is a bachelorette/bachelor, birthday party or any other remarkable event that you wish to make memorable, start it off with the challenge of escaping a locked room.

If you succeed in escaping, you’ll have one more thing to celebrate!

Get yourselves in the mood here in ParaPark before your night out. The experience will leave you wanting more.

Grab a GIFTCARD from us for the perfect surprise.

Do you have 60 minutest to spare? Come and take the test and make the memories of these 60 minutes last a lifetime.

Do you have 60 minutes to spare?

Come and take the test... We dare you

Crime Scene ´95

60 min

It’s 1995, you’re a group of the best detectives in the business…but the corrupt police won’t allow you to investigate the Crime Scene of the murder of a friend!

Crime Scene 95

The 9th Gateway


Have you aver heard about that fateful seance when... Oh, wait, of course you havent. There’s no one left to tell the story.


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